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Ultralight Flight Instruction

Andrew Snedden (740) 405-4964
United States Ultralight Association (USUA)
Basic Flight Instructor (BFI)
Providing ultralight vehicle / aircraft flight instruction in the tradition of flying for fun.


The sky is the worlds largest, cleanest, most spectacular and most unused three dimensional playground. Flying in the right machine infinitely out dimensions other sports and recreational activities. Flying is as real as life can get. Nothing (well…almost nothing :) can awaken, free, lift and make the human spirit soar to new heights more than the experience of traversing the three dimensional space above with a birds eye view close up of the surface of our great and beautiful planet, shedding the weight and burdens of living in the narrow confines of life in the daily ground path dictated to you by others.


It has the best combination of the following things:

1) Most maneuverable and enjoyable type of flight;
Only the fixed wing ultralight vehicle (such as a Quicksilver Sprint) can match the speed and exceed the maneuverability of a large bird, giving humans the floating feeling of flight and the ability to experience the most dreamed of type flight.

2) Best view;
Such ultralight vehicles have by far the least amount of visual obstruction for a fantastic birds eye view that greatly enhances the enjoyment and safety of flying.

3) More flying sites;
Slow takeoff and landing speeds permit operations from a great many more and better locations than conventional Aircraft. Any Emergency landing are much safe in an ultralight.

4) Most affordable;
Few (meaning you) can afford to buy into the ageing fleet of general aviation aircraft or the newer composite aircraft.

5) Least regulated;
The ultralight vehicle as long time defined by federal aviation regulation FAR 103 is intentionally structured for minimum regulation eliminating that reason for not flying excuse. Also see AC 103-7.

6) Can be self maintained;
Lower maintenance cost.
Lower parts cost.
Easiest to repair.
Fantastic simplicity. (simplicity is genius).
Great motor sports hobby satisfaction.

7) Greater safety potential;
Can emergency land in many more places and walk away from most crashes.
Many ultralights use emergency rapid deployment parachute systems that bring down the entire ultralight and its pilot safely.

Start or switch to and stay with a recreational flying vehicle with a future ! The ultralight vehicle ! When I fly out over the land and see nothing in the sky except myself, and yet see a thousand people on the ground in cars, on motorcycles, and on or in ATVs, watercraft, bicycles and other ground recreational activities despite the well known superior thrill of flying, a very simple and undisputable conclusion can be drawn :
General aviation as a regular recreational activity, has proven itself to be nonexistent and in a state of failure to 999 out of every 1000 people, for the last 100 years as well as the immediate future.
Only the ultralight vehicle of the future thru its mandated simplicity has the potential to make the difference and make flying the worlds #1 participant recreational activity. I have personally witnessed the overwhelming satisfaction and testimony from students (with and without general aviation experience) return from flights to know that the ultralight vehicle is best and has potential #1.


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